OnePlus Mobile Repair in Sholinganallur

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OnePlus Mobile Service Centre Sholinganallur

We pleasure ourselves to provide a quick and affordable service. Most Oneplus repairs can be carried out by the same day, screen replacements normally may take 60 minutes or so. Screen repairs are deal with the top priority, without compromising the quality. With our expert Chennai based Oneplus service we can replace or repair most of the parts on your Oneplus including the LCD screen, glass touch screen, charging connector dock replacement, headphone jack replacements, speaker issues, internal flex cables, no backlights issues, etc. If you are facing any of the above mentioned problem? No need to worry! we are here to help you, just give us a call on +91 7200160160. Then we will get your Oneplus repaired by our trained technicians.

Pickup and Delivery:

If you are in Sholinganallur we will send our associate to collect your mobile phone, after getting repair will give it back to you. Our professionally trained Technicians who are Oneplus mobile phone repair experts will meet you to provide Oneplus issue fixes. All our replacements come with 90 day warranty on parts and service. If you are not in or around Chennai you can send your Mobile phone to Broken Care, we will call you back with a quote. After service completed, We will send the mobile phone for you under a good and working condition with full protection. Incase if we are not able to repair your phone then, we wont offer you to pay.

Serviceable Parts and Time Duration:

  • 1. OnePlus LCD Digitizer screen Replacement - Time Duration : 3 Hours
  • 2. OnePlus Touch screen Replacement - Time Duration : 3 Hours
  • 3. OnePlus Touch screen Replacement - Time Duration : 1 Hours
  • 4. OnePlus Water & Liquid Damage Repair - Time Duration : 6 Hours
  • 5. OnePlus Battery Replacement - Time Duration : 30 Minutes
  • 6. OnePlus Charging Port Replacement - Time Duration : 30 Minutes
  • 7. OnePlus On/off Strip Replacement - Time Duration : 30 Minutes
  • 8. OnePlus Back Glass Replacement - Time Duration : 50 Minutes
  • 9. OnePlus Speaker & Mic Replacement - Time Duration : 30 to 60 Minutes
  • 10. OnePlus Network Issue - Time Duration : 72 Hours
  • 11. OnePlus Software Update - Time Duration : 1 Hours
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